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About Us

   Meadow Farms Sausage Company opened its doors in 1945 and is owned and operated as a family business. A leader in the food service industry for over 70 years, Meadow Farms represents the finest quality products in the industry.

    Specializing in hot dogs, we at Meadow Farms are able to give our customers the highest quality hot dogs at reasonable prices. Since Meadow Farms produces mainly hot dogs, we use quality meat and ingredients in our products. 

This enables Meadow Farms to guarantee to our customers the single most important quality factor in the industry...consistency!    For over half a century, Meadow Farms has been known for consistency. Consistency in product, consistency in delivery, and consistency in service. Consistency and quality are key at Meadow Farms.


     Meadow farms sausage company also provides our customers a great variety in wieners, franks, and sausages, available in varying sizes and weights. We are capable of making specialty dogs to meet your food service needs.

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